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Welcome to Mortgage Detectives, Your Path to Savings!

At Mortgage Detectives, we’re on a mission to empower borrowers like you to save thousands of dollars in closing costs when obtaining a mortgage. Our goal is simple: to make the mortgage process transparent and accessible, ensuring you have the confidence to secure the best financial solution for your home.

Introducing The Fee Detector, Our Mortgage Savings Tool.

Navigating your mortgage should be straightforward, and that’s exactly what The Fee Detector delivers. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to unlock potential savings:

Upload Your Mortgage Document

Simply upload your mortgage documents to our user-friendly platform. Our tool accepts a wide range of file formats, making it effortless for you to get started.

Closing Cost Savings Analysis

Within moments, The Fee Detector comprehensively scans and analyzes your mortgage, pinpointing hidden costs and potential savings opportunities.

Personalized Savings Report

Your personalized savings report will provide clear insights on which fees you should negotiate and also offer expert tips to ensure your negotiation success.
It’s that simple! No complicated forms, no extensive paperwork, and certainly no headaches. Our tool puts the power of mortgage savings in your hands, empowering you to make informed decisions effortlessly.

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Over Two Decades of Mortgage Loan Experience

Knowledge is power when it comes to securing your dream home. We’ve personally originated thousands of loans, managed teams of skilled loan officers, and navigated the intricacies of both banks and mortgage brokers.

We put our experience to work for you by building a tool that allows you to instantly save money on any mortgage. We’re not just another mortgage service provider; we’re your partner, ensuring you don’t overpay on your mortgage fees.


LESSON 01: Building Confidence

Confidence is Your Greatest Asset

When it comes to obtaining a mortgage, confidence is your greatest asset. The mortgage process is often intentionally made confusing, which can leave borrowers feeling intimidated and reluctant to ask questions. But here’s the secret: Simple questions can lead to significant savings, potentially putting thousands of dollars back in your pocket.

At Mortgage Detectives, we believe in arming you with the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate the mortgage journey successfully. We’re here to demystify the process, ensuring you’re empowered to make informed decisions and secure the best possible terms. Don’t let confusion hold you back – you have the power to take control of your mortgage and your financial future.

LESSON 03: Closing Costs

The Truth About Closing Costs

Closing costs, often a mysterious component of your mortgage, are an additional revenue stream that lenders charge simply because they can. These costs, averaging over $1,500, are sometimes presented as necessary fees. But the reality is, they’re just another way for lenders to boost their income.

Loan officers might explain these costs as essential to the process, but don’t be fooled. Regardless of what they call them, these fees pad the lender’s bottom line. What’s more, your loan officer’s compensation remains the same, regardless of the costs or rates they provide. The federal government regulates their pay, ensuring it remains consistent, no matter your loan terms. So, there’s no need to fear asking them to waive these costs.


LESSON 02: Understanding Lender Profit

Cracking the Lender Profit Code

Ever wondered how lenders make their money? It’s not as straightforward as it may seem. At Mortgage Detectives, we’re here to shed light on the inner workings of the mortgage industry. Picture this: Different lenders offer different interest rates, each impacting their revenue. It’s a complex dance, but we’ve simplified it for you.

Hypothetical Example:

  • 7% rate = $12,000 lender revenue
  • 7.125% rate = $15,000 lender revenue
  • 7.25% rate = $18,000 lender revenue

On average, lenders pocket around 3% of the loan amount, translating to over $15,000 in revenue. This knowledge is crucial when considering the bigger picture of closing costs.

LESSON 04: Leveraging Your Power

Your Loan Officer’s Dilemma

Here’s a little-known fact: Your loan officer is paid the exact same commission by their company, regardless of the costs or rates they offer you. Federal regulations ensure their compensation remains consistent, irrespective of the loan terms. So, what does that mean for you? You should never hesitate to ask them to waive certain costs.

At Mortgage Detectives, we’re here to help you understand your negotiating power. Most of the time, when you request a cost reduction or waiver, your loan officer will come back with a revised fee or lender credit to offset these costs. They might claim they need approval, but rest assured, the lender and loan officer are making thousands from your transaction. They’re willing to work with you to proceed with your loan, so feel confident in asking them to do so.

Remember, this process is a negotiation, and you have the right to advocate for your financial well-being. In over 95% of cases, loans are negotiated – but you’ll only get what you ask for. It’s a negotiation game, and the first person to flinch loses.


Unlock Savings with Our Advanced Technology

At Mortgage Detectives, we’ve harnessed the power of cutting-edge proprietary technology to save millions in mortgage fees. The Fee Detector analyzes mortgage documents and identifies hidden costs that can be eliminated or reduced. It’s like having your own personal detective dedicated to securing your financial future. Our technology doesn’t just stop at uncovering costs – it empowers you with insights and examples to get the upper hand in negotiations. Try it today and keep more money in your pocket.

Your One-Stop Solution for Mortgage Savings

Shopping for a mortgage can be a time-consuming and daunting process. Filling out multiple lender forms, enduring numerous credit inquiries, and attempting to decipher various loan estimates can be overwhelming. But with Mortgage Detectives, we’ve streamlined the entire experience. Our comprehensive tool eliminates the need to shop around with multiple lenders. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling applications and credit inquiries. We’re here to save you valuable time and ensure you get the best deal possible with all lenders. Let Mortgage Detectives be your trusted guide in securing your mortgage – because saving time should be just as important as saving money.


Your One-Stop Solution for Mortgage Savings

At Mortgage Detectives, we understand that each borrower’s situation is unique. That’s why we offer a personalized negotiation service for those seeking an extra level of support. Our team can work directly with your lender to negotiate the best possible terms on your behalf. Whether you’re looking for a lower interest rate or reduced closing costs, our experts will leverage their industry knowledge to secure the most favorable deal for you. While our cost analysis tool is a powerful resource, our personal negotiation service takes it a step further, ensuring that your mortgage terms align perfectly with your financial goals.


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