Unlock Your Mortgage Savings Potential Today!

Unlocking Mortgage Savings

At Mortgage Detectives, our revolutionary tool, The Fee Detector, is your key to uncovering hidden savings in your mortgage. We’ve designed a seamless process that empowers you to take control of yourfinancial future effortlessly. Here’s how our tool works and why it’s the smart choice:

How The Fee Detector Works

Navigating your mortgage should be simple and stress-free, and our tool makes it exactly that. Follow these straightforward steps to unlock your potential savings:

Upload Your Mortgage Loan Estimate

Simply upload your mortgage loan estimate document from your mortgage lender to our user-friendly platform. Our tool accommodates a wide range of file formats, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Instant Analysis

Our advanced technology leaps into action as soon as you upload your mortgage loan estimate. Within moments, it conducts a comprehensive scan and analysis of your mortgage loan estimate, spotlighting hidden costs and potential savings opportunities.

Personalized Savings Report

Sit back while our tool generates a personalized savings report exclusively for you. This report provides clear insights into areas where you can save on your mortgage. We offer recommendations on which fees to negotiate and provide expert tips to guarantee your negotiation success.

It’s as easy as that!

No complex forms, no extensive paperwork, and certainly no headaches.

Our tool puts the power of mortgage savings in your hands, allowing you to make informed decisions effortlessly.


Why Choosing The Fee Detector is a Smart Decision

  • Simplicity and Speed: Our tool simplifies the mortgage analysis process. In just a few clicks, you can uncover potential savings in your mortgage loan estimate and make informed decisions without the headache of traditional methods.
    • Empowering Insights: Our tool goes beyond identifying costs; it equips you with insights to make informed decisions. You gain a clear understanding of where you can save, giving you the upper hand in negotiations.

      • Optimize Your Mortgage: With Mortgage Detectives, you have the tools to optimize your mortgage and keep more money in your pocket. Take control of your financial future with our innovative technology.

      Additional Services

      Personal Negotiation

      For those seeking tailored solutions, we offer personalized negotiation services. Our experts can directly work with
      your lender to secure the most favorable terms for you.

      Transparent Loans

      We can connect you with qualified mortgage lenders free of hassle and without unnecessary hidden fees, so you’ll never be caught off guard.


      Ready to take the next step? Contact us to connect with qualified mortgage lenders for pre-approval on your home
      loan. We’ll help you on the path to your dream home.


      At Mortgage Detectives, transparency and integrity are paramount. Please note that we are not a financial institution or lender. Instead, we provide consulting services designed to help you navigate the complexities of the mortgage process.

      Results may vary based on individual circumstances and market conditions. While we strive to maximize savings for every client, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge and tools to make informed decisions, ultimately putting you in control of your mortgage journey.

      Rest assured that we operate with the utmost professionalism and adhere to all legal and ethical standards in the industry. Your financial well-being is our top priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

      Refund policy. Fee detector consumers are eligible for a refund of service should Fee Detector not identify fees that are negotiable in an amount equal to or at least greater than the cost of service. Should the consumer not use the information provided there is no refund provided.

      Fee Negotiator consumers are eligible for a refund should the negotiator not negotiate savings on behalf of the consumer in an amount equal to or at least greater than the cost of service. Should the consumer not proceed with mortgage transaction no refund is provided.

      Feel free to contact us with any questions or for further assistance. Your satisfaction is our commitment, and we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your mortgage savings goals.